What the Physician Employers Want

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As a candidate for a physician job you make an assessment largely based on background research, compensation, and location etc. most of which you know beforehand. The prospective employer makes a decision based on your performance in the interview. That's why these interviews are intimidating. But if you know what they are looking for it becomes much easier for you. This is discussed further in the post on interview questions.

Prospective physician employees are generally evaluated against the following criteria:

1) Is the physician candidate qualified to do the job?

2) Does he or she have good communication skills?

3) Will he or she fit into our team?

4) Is the candidate interested to work with us?

5) Are their any red flags that may hinder procurement of medical licenses, malpractice insurance, credentials etc?

6) What is the advantage to the employer if we chose him or her over other physician candidates?

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